Public sector

In Tunisia, the public sector witnesses many changes driven by the desire to improve the quality of the services offered to their clients while laying the emphasis of the governance culture.

Our contribution

Mazars, by its experience and the versatility of its staff, proposes personalized services to the public sector companies and an appropriate response to citizen needs by mobilizing its resources to:

  • audit public companies;
  • strengthen good governance;
  • coach the public companies in their programs to up grate "mise à niveau";
  • optimize the resources and appropriations in order to improve competitiveness;
  • establish privatization programs.

It is to be clear to this effect that one of Mazars' partners is member of the board of the Tunisian Foundation for audit and governance which gather the members of the Court of Auditors, the General Check of Finance, the Body of Control of the First Ministry, the Body of Control of the Ministry for the Fields of the State, of the Association of Internal Auditors, and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Tunisia.