Financial Institutions and insurances business

Confronted to new obligations as regards the information to produce and the control of the risks (Basle II) and to the evolution of the countable reference frames standards IAS / IFRS, US standards GAAP, the activity of the financial institutions during year 2007 was marked by the crisis of the extra premiums and by the operations carried out by some agents in violation of prudential standards which have severely affected the results of these institutions.

In Tunisia, these companies are subjected to a strict regulation (Law 65-2001, circulars of the Central Bank of Tunisia, Insurances code...).

Our contribution

To meet the needs of this sector, Mazars’s employees have been specialized. Indeed, they follow an internal trading program and they are informed about the most recent current events of the sector.
Thus, our firm is auditor of several financial institutions and insurances companies, which enables it to offer, in addition to the audit services, assistance in consolidations works and in the transition to the IFRS standards as well as reorganization of the structures to make it compatible with the requirements of the regulation and the objectives of these companies.